A Spiritual Nature Retreat & Campground in Sedona, Arizona

Excited you guys get to experience the glory of Camp Avalon - Please take a look at the info below.

You are staying at Adam Trailer — this is the first Trailer on the right as you come down Los Amigos Lane. This is where Raul and Laurie used to live - they just moved out last week and I spent time furnishing the trailer and buying stuff for the kitchen. More things may be needed so please make notes as you stay there. I would open the windows at night to cool it down as the swamp cooler is not hooked up yet.

The lodge office area has brochures, a printer, and a computer if you need it. The key is hanging under the rafter up to the right of the door.


  • We are in a transition time up here. We have cleared all help out — Jim, Raul, and Laurie no longer work for us — If you see Jim on the property or at Avalon he should not be there. If you see him taking things off the property please stop him. The only thing he may need to come get is his ladder and cement mixer.
  • The WIFI password for lodge WIFI is redrocks1111
  • There is a phone line you can make calls on in the lodge office if needed.

Here are some people you may see on property — do not be alarmed.

  • Glenn is the new property manager - he drives a red truck.
  • Glenn's wife name is Dominique, she drives a jeep, she checks in people staying at Moondance and Transformation home once we start booking it.
  • Shaun and Steve are hopefully the new landscapers - they will be moving into the Eve trailer on Sunday likely. Steve's girlfriend is pregnant. They are brand new people and I dont know them well - we will see if they work out. All are good Christian kids.
  • Perla is the cleaner - She drives a silver SUV, sometimes a silver truck too.

Click here to download the Camp Manager Function Manual